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13.09 - 15.09 2019

Edition 2018

THIRD HEAVEN is weekend worship assembly which is catered for leaders of evangelization communities and prayer groups. Its aim is to experience God’s glory in intensive experiencing Liturgy, God’s Word profoundness, testimonies and adoration prayers full of might.

THIRD HEAVEN indicates the highest grade of enchantment, the experience of God’s glory and communing with God, the vestibule of eternity which is impossible to achieve by oneself only as a result of rapture by the grace.

THIRD HEAVEN in ancient Judaism term  for paradise or location of blessing, God’s headquarter – so called spiritual heavens. Benedict XVI commenting on experience of third heaven, which was in contribution of Saint Paul (copm. 2 Co 12,2), speaks about unique, unverbalized experience, strong and deep contemplation in which God grasped and entailed apostle totally.

Special guest

Special guest of THIRD HEAVEN was Raymond Nader.


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Raymond Nader

Lebanese Catholic, Maronite, president of Christian television Nousart – which broadcasts programs to entire Middle East. For 24 years his arm is marked by Saint Charbel's palm. Approved by Maronite patriarch of Antioch, he shares his faith testimony and passes Saint Sharbel’s proclamations all over the world.


When and where

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Words of encouragement

“Time of might, time of grace, time of glory. "Third heaven" opens its gateways. Special guests, touching testimonies, worship in unique style from Centrum Duchowości in Tychy. Let us invite you. You should be there.”

PhD Aleksander Bańka

“God is good! He wants us to incessantly experience His glory. I am convinced that "Third heaven" will be the time of experiencing God’s presence and might and also the community in Christ. That is why you can not miss it. Let yourself be raptured by the grace to the "Third heaven"!”

Priest Marcin Wylężek

Centrum Duchowości Ruchu Światło-Życie Archidiecezji Katowickiej invites


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